Sacramento Emergency Dentistry

If you are in need of a Sacramento Emergency Dentist please call our Arden Square office at (916) 488-1933.

We are conveniently located between Morse Ave. & Fulton Ave. at 1870 Avondale Ave. Suite 2 95825.


Sacramento Dentist Says to Stay Calm in a Dental Emergency

We can never plan on having a dental emergency, getting a tooth knocked out or suffering trauma to the jawbone or mouth is not necessarily something anyone would want to plan anyway – besides maybe hockey players & MMA fighters.

If you happen to find yourself requiring emergency dentistry, try your best to remain calm and not to panic.

We understand that a traumatic injury to your face or mouth could invoke fear, dread, & pain but do your best not to panic – and if you’re helping someone else that suffered a dental emergency make sure they don’t start to panic.

Staying calm could help reduce additional injury and more importantly help communication between patient and either 911 or a Arden Square Sacramento emergency dentist.

Can You Prepare for a Dental Emergency?

Prepare by communicate to your family how to get in touch with your dentist, make sure they know where the emergency number is to get in direct immediate contact with your dentist when you need them most.

And make sure your children understand how and why to call 911, if you or anyone else is unconscious they need to be prepared to take action.

Arden Square Sacramento Emergency Dentist – Arben Celaj, D.D.S.

If you have a dental emergency just call us at (916) 488-1933 & find our 95825 dentist office on Google – you have enough to worry about, for any patients without dental insurance we offer a significant discount of 30% off our regular fees.

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