Sacramento Dentist Offers 30% Off for Patients Without Insurance

Sacramento Dentist Offers 30% Off for Patients Without Insurance

As we discussed in a recent blog post on the cost of emergency room dental visits, there really is never a good reason to ignore our dental health – especially when it is directly connected to our overall health.

Also since cost & convenience are usually the two biggest reasons for delaying dental care that we hear in our Arden Square Sacramento dentist office, but did you know that it will actually cost us more money in the long run to delay even just regular dental cleanings and exams?

If We Visit the Dentist Less, We Pay More…Eventually

When we delay regular dental checkups, problems with our teeth and gums develop. Without proper dental care these problems become worse, requiring significantly more treatment – and in turn cost.

We like to use the oil change analogy when talking with long time reactivated patients; it may sound difficult to relate our oral & overall health to an automobile maintenance but the essential point of regular oil changes to prolong engine life and preventing future costly mishaps does ring true when we talk teeth.

How is an oil change like preventative dental care?

If we take care of our teeth and gums, get regular oral cancer exams, and address any minor issues before they become major this preventative dental care maintenance SAVES US MONEY in the long run.

No Dental Insurance? No Problem at Our Sacramento Family Dentist Office

We understand that sometimes life, work, family, & fun come way before dental health – but when you think about it what is one of the first things you do in the morning?

It’s gotta be brush your teeth, and hopefully its floss too!

For any patient that has had a recent gap in their insurance coverage, or perhaps have never had dental insurance of any kind, we would like to extend a significant 30% SAVINGS off of our regular fees.

2013 is almost half over; we shouldn’t let things like cost or convenience delay or prevent us all from maintaining a healthy mouth!

Now check out the newest piece of dental health convenience at our Arden Square Sacramento Dentist Office…1 HOUR dental crowns!

Dental Crowns in 1 Hour at Sacramento Family Dentist Arben Celaj, D.D.S.

We are currently scheduling “Spring Cleaning Teeth Whitening” appointments in addition to prom & graduation cleanings – call us today at (916) 488-1933.

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At the Arden Square dental office of Dr. Arben Celaj, we treat patients from 1 to 100+. We speak English, Spanish, Romanian, Bosnian-Croatian, and Albanian – Call (916) 488-1933 to schedule an appointment today & save on comfortable dental care for your entire family.

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