Sacramento Dentist Talks Mouthguards

Sacramento Dentist Talks Mouthguards

Sacramento dentist Dr. Arben Celaj, D.D.S. treats patients from age 1-100 at our Arden Square dental office. One common topic we address here every year when back to school time rolls around (yes, it’s almost here) is choosing the proper mouthguard for kids that play sports.

It is estimated by the American Dental Association that mouthguards prevent approximately 200,000 injuries each year in high school and collegiate football alone.

Sacramento Dentist Offers Custom Mouthguards

When it comes to choosing the right piece of mouth protection for your child, Sacramento dentist Dr. Arben Celaj suggests a custom fitted mouthguard rather than the store bought boil & bite variety.

What’s the Most Important Piece of Safety Equipment?

Although that really depends on the particular sport, this Sacramento dentist definitely considers mouthguards an essential part of any protective equipment for virtually any sport. Mouthguards or mouthpieces are definitely among the most widely used and most important personal safety factors players use regardless of their particular sport.

Sacramento Dentist Offers Custom Mouthguards

Football players wear them, basketball players, softball players, soccer players, rugby players, even some ice hockey players have been known to wear a mouthguard from time to time.

So what’s the conclusion?

One conclusion Sacramento dentist Arben Celaj, D.D.S. can make here is this; unless the mouthguard is in the mouth, it is of no use!

Parents, make sure your kids wear mouthguards this back to school sports season.

Aside from safety, and staying out of emergency dental chair, some mouthguards have even claimed to increase athletic performance by improving the alignment of the jaw, allowing more oxygen to enter the airway during periods of physical exertion.

It’s a whole neuromuscular thing that your Sacramento dentist will surely explain on your next visit if you care to discuss.

The jury is still out on such claims; some say definitely, others not so much. Click the link for more info on sports dentistry and mouthguards.

If you have questions about what mouthguard is best for you or your children just ask your Sacramento dentist – we dare you to post such a question to our Facebook Timeline!

Our trusted Arden Square neighborhood Sacramento dentist knows a thing or two about properly fitting the mouthpiece according to individual dental factors.

Before you or your child suit up this season, be sure to check with your Sacramento dentist first!

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Portions of this post were republished with permission from Dental Patient News.

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