Sacramento Emergency Dentist at Arden Square

Sacramento Emergency Dentist at Arden Square

It always seems like more dental emergencies happen here in Sacramento in the summer as opposed to any other season.

Maybe it’s because kids are out of school or from people just being more active and enjoying the outdoors in the warmer months.

While we usually don’t plan on having a dental emergency, getting a tooth knocked out is not something anyone would want to plan anyway – hockey players & MMA fighters aside, but we can take essential steps to limit the severity of the emergency and certainly the pain or costs associated.

Sacramento Emergency Dentist Says Stay Calm!

If you happen to find yourself a victim of a dental emergency, try your best to remain calm above all else.

We understand that a traumatic injury to your face or mouth could invoke fear, dread, & pain but do your best not to panic – and if you’re helping someone make sure they don’t start to panic.

Sacramento Dentist Offers 30% Off with No Insurance

Staying calm could help reduce additional injury and more importantly help communication between patient and either 911 or a Arden Square Sacramento emergency dentist.

Can You Prepare for a Dental Emergency?

Maybe we can’t prepare for a specific dental injury, but we sure can envision how we would deal with and react to certain emergency dental situations.

Say a tooth gets knocked out at a softball game, what should you do with it?

Pick it up, put it in some milk if you have it available, and make an emergency dental appointment with your Sacramento dentist!

Without getting into dental triage and basic first aid for every dreaded dental possibility, the most important points to remember during any dental emergency are to stay calm and seek immediate help.

Prepare by communicate to your family how to get in touch with your dentist, make sure they know where the emergency number is to get in direct immediate contact with your dentist when you need them most.

And make sure your children understand how and why to call 911, if you or anyone else is unconscious they need to be prepared to take action.

Sacramento Emergency Dentist – 30% Off for Patients with No Insurance

Even if it’s just a mental rehearsal of taking a bad hop off the chops, that visualization alone can help you mentally & psychically deal with that unfortunate accident if it ever did happen.

But we all know with a glove like yours, while it’s good to prepare…that’ll never actually happen.

Just like a dental emergency…

We understand that sometimes life, work, family, & fun come way before dental health – but when you think about it what is one of the first things you do in the morning?

It’s gotta be brush your teeth, and hopefully its floss too!

For any Sacramento dental patient that has had a recent gap in their insurance coverage, or perhaps have never had dental insurance of any kind, we would like to extend a significant 30% SAVINGS off of our regular fees.

Save 30% with No Insurance at Sacramento Emergency Dentist Arben Celaj, D.D.S.

If you have a dental emergency just call us at (916) 488-1933 & find our 95825 dentist office on Google – you have enough to worry about, SAVE 30% without Insurance!

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